Where does your honey come from? For generations, our family has been harvesting honey from our thousands of hives in Du Pont, Georgia. Because this is a Georgia honey, our bees pollinate primarily on Gallberry flowers and some Tupelo, Blackgum, and Palmetto. Our honey is 100% American Made.


What is Gallberry Honey? Native to the Southeast, Gallberry Honey comes from a small evergreen holly or what we like to call, the inkberry bush. Our bees predominately pollinate on this plant. Gallberry honey is one of the South's best-kept secrets because its elements slow crystallization and give the honey a longer shelf-life than average honey's.


Do you mix or add anything to your honey? Not at all. Our honey comes straight from the hive with no additional ingredients or add-ins. It is not advertised in the honey market, but many honey companies in the industry will often mix and heat their honey with honey from other sources to either meet demand or improve their product. Pure Southern Honey derives solely from our thousands of beehives, so you can expect to enjoy a consistent flavor deriving from a single location.


Is your honey heated? Heating honey damages the enzymes and natural benefits. We want our honey consumers to enjoy ALL of the health benefits of raw, unfiltered, and unheated honey.


What is the expiration on your honey? That's the best part! There is NO expiration on our honey - 100% raw, unfiltered, and unheated honey may never expire when handled properly.


What makes a gourmet honey? The beautiful product design isn't the only thing that makes our honey gourmet. Pure Southern Honey is considered gourmet honey because of its high quality, natural purity, and premium grade. We are also proud members of www.specialtyfood.com Association.


Is whole raw honeycomb edible? OF COURSE! Raw honeycomb is the purest form of honey. We cut and package it without any further processing, so it is truly "hive to table". Raw Comb honey is often described as rare and considered to be very difficult to find when shopping.


How should raw honey and honeycomb be stored? Raw honey should be kept in a cabinet or pantry that stays relatively cool by not in direct sunlight. Store away from appliances that produce heat so that it does not sugar or lose its nutritious health benefits. We recommend storing our raw-honeycomb lying flat down with the front of the case facing up to avoid having any honey leak out of the cassette. Trust us, this is a sticky situation you do not want to deal with!


Do you have any additional honey flavors? We currently only offer Gallberry Honey. While we could offer other flavors, Gallberry Honey is special because of its rich flavor and its shelf-lifeu00a0 out-lives any other kind of honey. We are dedicated to providing the best quality of honey to our customers, so we want to put all of our efforts into providing the best honey.


Which honey's are best for a wedding or event? Mini Honey with Comb Jars and Mini 4 oz Honey with Comb Jars make the BEST honey wedding favors, corporate gifts, and small treats. For orders of 24 jars or more for your special event, please contact us here.  If you would like to add your own personalization to the jars, let us know and we will leave them blank. The pure Southern Honey Comb display is a wonderful centerpiece and your guests will be in AWE as they carve their own slice of honeycomb straight from the frame the honeybees crafted it on. This dramatic presentation is a great centerpiece for any cheeseboard.


Is honey vegan? Some vegans enjoy raw honey, others may opt-out because it is considered an animal product. Because we take excellent care of our honeybees, vegans don't often mind eating our honey. We can even be found in vegan restaurants such as Revelations Cafe. We don't harm any bees in our honey collection process and we don't take enough honey from the hives for the bees to ever be hungry or without. That's why we have thousands of hives, so we can improve our environment and collect a little from each hive so that they can sustain and live prosperous bee lives. Whether you wish to partake in the consumption of honey ultimately will depend on your beliefs as a vegan.


What happened to Deep South Honey? Deep South Honey was our company name before our re-branding in 2019 where we adopted the name, Pure Southern Honey.


Where have you been my whole life? We have been beekeeping and crafting raw honey for generations! Until a couple of years ago our business has focused primarily on producing and selling honey in bulk along with providing pollination services to farmers. However, after seeing the need for high-quality honey in stores, we decided to provide our honey directly to consumers.


Are bees hurt when you collect honey? No, bees are harmed in our humane honey harvesting process. We make it a point to be VERY careful when handling our hives and bees. After all, they are our co-workers!


Do you feed the bees high-fructose corn syrup?  We do NOT feed our bees high-fructose corn syrup and never will!


How many beehives do you have? We currently have 4,000 beehives across 50,000 acres!


How do I create an account? Create a customer account. If you would like to create a wholesale account, please register your business HERE


How do I change my password? If you are already logged in to your Pure Southern Honey account, click puresouthernhoney.com/my-account/edit-account and go to the section titled password change to enter your new password. If you are not logged into your Pure Southern Honey account, you must first log in. Once you are logged in, the first page you see will be your Account Page HERE. You can request a lost password reset on the same login page.


How can I sell Pure Southern Honey in my store? To re-sell Pure Southern Honey, purchase bulk honey, or order wholesale you must register your business account HERE

My wholesale user account has been created! How do I shop? If you are logged in to your wholesale account, you will notice all of the product prices will switch to their wholesale pricing.


What marketing materials do you provide to wholesalers? In addition to POP materials like brochures. We also make it a point to provide our businesses with content like images, videos, and recipes they can openly use on their own social media channels. This is an optional, but recommended tool for our retailers to use. We would like to assist as much as possible in creating awareness and demand around Pure Southern Honey in your store. If you are a business and desire additional tools for advertising Pure Southern Honey please contact us.


How do I order 55-gallon drums of honey? To order 55-gallon drums of raw Gallberry honey please send your shipping address and order information to amber (@) puresouthernhoney.com


What is your honey subscription? Dedicated honey connoisseurs, this one is for you! Subscribe once to receive the honey of your choice MONTHLY and SAVE 5% on your favorite wholesome honey. We have noticed a number of our reoccurring customers have to login EVERY single month to refill on their Pure Southern Honey. With the subscribe and save option, not only do you still receive free shipping, but you save an extra 5% on your monthly orders without ever having to login to re-purchase. Every month, your order will automatically be withdrawn from the payment method provided and shipped right to your door. We recommend at least a six-month commitment to this subscription!
- If a recurring payment is not paid after 10 hours of notification the subscription status is suspended for 30 days before canceling the subscription.
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