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About Us

Crafted in South Georgia by our family for generations, Pure Southern Honey is 100% raw, unfiltered, singly sourced, and never heated. From our hives to your table, you will discover a honey that is truly one of a kind. Its rich and natural flavors elevate any dish and its health benefits compliment any diet or lifestyle. If you are looking for a top of the line honey, look no further.

Pure Southern Honey is created solely from our thousands of beehives, so you can expect to enjoy a consistent flavor in every jar. It’s Southeast origins of primarily Gallberry with some Tupelo, Blackgum, and Palmetto flowers give it a longer shelf life compared to average honeys.

In addition to providing raw, unfiltered honey, we also produce the purest form of honey - raw comb honey. It is cut and packaged without further processing.

Pure Southern Honey is a proud supporter of the NW Honey Bee Habitat Restoration. For every purchase, 5% of sales will be used to preserve and create pesticide-free sanctuaries for honey bees to flourish.

NW Honey Bee Habitat Restoration takes a proactive approach by transforming any size space into an oasis for pollinators. By increasing, preserving, and protecting honey bees, they work to improve the quality of all life for generations to come.

Our Promise

To produce 100% all-natural, raw, locally-sourced honey at a competitive price.


  • Natural honey that does not have to be reheated
  • Dependable with a longer shelf life
  • Pure honey with a multitude of health benefits
  • Floral sources that are native to only the Southeast

Health Benefits

  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Improves cholesterol
  • Suppresses coughs and throat irritation
  • Counters pollen allergies
  • May help with burn and wound healing
  • A healthier alternative to sugar
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

Target Audience

Millennials - Men and women in their 20s - 40s who have a passion for healthy cooking and supporting their community.
Women 55+ interested in the health benefits of honey over other sweeteners or preserves.

For interview requests and media inquiries please contact:

Pure Southern Honey
Amber Kinsey