Honey Baked Ham

Just find out the Fourth of July party is at your house? No worries, we have the perfect southern recipe to feed your family and friends. Courtesy of Mrs. Sue Cox at Covington's Valdosta, this honey baked ham was created using Pure Southern Honey’s raw and unfiltered honey.

Honey Recipes Honey Ham Covingtons Catering Valdosta Georgia Raw Unfiltered Honey


  1. Use ham of your choice ( I like a flat Farmland Applewood Smoked Ham or Queen of Dixie Ham that carves beautifully & generally run 5-7 lbs.)
  2. Make paste of ¾ cup honey, 1 tbsp Grey Poupon, & ¼ cup brown sugar
  3. Spread this paste completely over ham
  4. Place water inside of a foil lined baking pan ( I hate scrubbing pots)