Mixed Drink with Raw Honey by @HousePoured

Pure Southern Honey Lava Monster Honey Mixed Drink by @HousePoured

The Lava Monster

Crafted by California’s @housepoured we are proud to present The Lava Monster!

1 oz Angostura Bitters⠀
1 oz Black Strap Rum⠀
2 oz @crowscraftusa gin⠀
2 oz grapefruit juice⠀
3/4 oz lime juice⠀
3/4 oz cinnamon raw honey syrup ⠀
1/2 oz spiced avocado pit orgeat (anise, clove, cinnamon, orange peel)⠀
1/4 oz absinthe⠀
Garnish with dried grapefruit

Shake all ingredients with crushed ice, dirty dump (Just means pour the ice in the mug or bowl too) and top with more ice. Garnish, add straws, and enjoy.

*Please drink responsibly.

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